Application for Assistant Professor Position

General Information


Concordia University Ph.D. in Electrical & Computer Engineering

Thesis Title: Degradation Modeling and Remaining Useful Life Estimation: From Statistical Signal Processing to Deep Learning Models

University of Baghdad M.Sc. in Electronics & Communication Engineering.

Thesis Title: Design and Implementation of a Small SCADA System

Work Experience

["[\"Jointly between Concordia University and York University\",\"Concordia University\",\"Community Initiatives Support Program\ Blueberry Wallet Group\",\"Institute of Applied Technology\",\"International Academic School\"]"] Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Exploring differentrndeep learning techniques specifically, the new architectures such as thernCapsNet, to extract different features from different classes of deep neuralrnnetworks, and integrating them in a specific fashion to learn the most suitablernfeatures representations from data. As well as, studying the most efficientrnfeatures extracting techniques to further boost prediction accuracy. Anotherrndirection of my research would be; extending and enhancing the hybrid DNNrnmodels to select only meaningful features (attributes or variables) from thernraw dataset prior to model training,rnwhich can possibly increase the prediction accuracy and reduce the modelrncomplexity. Furthermore, exploring the feature selection methods and findingrnthe most suitable ones for the hybrid DNN models.


Best Academic Paper Award, (2020 )

IEEE International Conference on Prognostics and Health Management (ICPHM 2020), USA.

The Prediction Era Award (2019 )

By Berries market as part of the community initiative program. Montreal, Canada.

The Most Demanded Instructor Award (2018 & 2019 )

By Blueberry Wallet group, as part of the community initiative program. Montreal, Canada.

The best ICT Teacher (2009 & 2012 )

By the Institute of Applied Technology, Abu Dhabi, UAE

The best ICT Teacher for supporting SAPET [Saturday] program (2011 )

By the Institute of Applied Technology, Abu Dhabi, UAE

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Liwa College
Fatima Bint Mubarak Street
(Al Najda Street previously), Al Danah,
Baniyas Tower B,
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.