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Liwa Street, Opposite Hamdan Center, Abu Dhabi, UAE

General Information

Although broad, the computational study of knee joint and prosthetic knee joint analysis accurately captures my research interests. My doctoral research investigated the influence of the various knee motions (kinetics) on the joint’s mechanical response, the impact of the femoral component design on the durability of the knee implants and a novel wear-enhancement method for the bearing component of knee implants. The Mechanical/Industrial Engineering faculty position at Liwa College of Technology, UAE, would enable me to expand my current expertise by applying the knowledge, skills, and experience gained during my PhD.
During my PhD, I worked on the design modification of knee implants for knee biomechanics, published in Materials Today: Proceedings. The geometry has been created by reverse engineering technique from a commercial knee implant (Scorpio NRG CR, Stryker). The work aims to investigate the influence of the femoral component curvature on the mechanical response of the bearing component. The wear rate of the polymer insert is computed based on the contact pressure created by knee implant models. Also, I expanded my research to examine how tissue constituents influence knee responses during walking and running cases. Dr. Poornesh Kumar and I collaborated on the work now published in Medical Engineering and Physics. We have used Abaqus CAE / FEBio Studio for the Finite Element Analysis of the knee joint and CATIA and Inventor for modelling the 3D geometry. Depending on the tissue constituent’s property variation, multiple intact and arthritic models are developed in this work and analysis is performed for different gait cycles. The results benefit other researchers in developing assistance for arthritis patients and healthy individuals who engage in activities such as walking and running.
In addition, an experimental investigation to enhance the wear properties of UHMWPE material used in knee implants was recently submitted to the Journal of Mechanical Behaviour of Biomedical Materials. A novel irradiation technique is used to crosslink the polymer. The wear characteristics are computed by creating a similar environment of the knee joint (similar to the knee simulator), and the knee load is applied to the polymer bearing component. The wear rates are then measured using a profilometer and gravimetric analysis. I am a lead contributor in our lab for the computational analysis of knee implants and in developing new techniques to enhance the wear characteristics of the knee implant’s bearing material. I have a strong background in mechanical testing of biomaterials in knee implants, computational modelling and analysis of knee implants and knee joints. As I continue to receive guidance from an experienced faculty, I will improve my academic and professional abilities.


2018 - 2023
National Institute of Technology Karnataka (NIT Surathkal), India PhD

Research area: Mechanical Engineering and Biomechanics/Biomaterials

2013 - 2015
National Institute of Technology Surat (NIT Surat), India Masters of Technology

Specialisation: Mechanical Design
Grade: 8.0/10, First class with distinction

Work Experience

Jul 2018 - Sep 2022
National Institute of Technology Karnataka Teaching Assistant

1. Conduct exams and student evaluations and supervise project and lab work.2. Keeping records of things, working with other teachers, and actively encouraging staff development3. Subjects handled: FEA, CAD/CAM, Biomechanics, Engineering Drawing and Theory of Elasticity

Sep 2015-Apr 2018
College of Engineering, Adoor, India Assistant Professor

1. Guide bachelor and master project work up to completing and evaluating dissertation/project reports.2. Subjects handled: Design and Analysis, Engineering Mechanics, Machine Design, Strength of Materials, Engineering drawing, CAD/CAM, Refrigeration and Air conditioning, and Dynamics of Machinery.

Summary of Skills

Strong analytical
Manuscript writing


MHRD Scholarship for the doctoral program, Govt. of India (2013-2015 )

The Ministry of Human Resource Development for the doctoral program at the National Institute of Technology Karnataka, India

MHRD Scholarship for GATE qualification, Govt. of India (2018-2022 )

The Ministry of Human Resource Development for the doctoral program at the National Institute of Technology Surat, India

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Liwa College
Fatima Bint Mubarak Street
(Al Najda Street previously), Al Danah,
Baniyas Tower B,
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.