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General Information

After accumulating an impressive array of experiences, including a 5-year B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering, 2 years in the industry sector, and 3 years as a PhD scholar in Materials Science and Engineering, I had the opportunity to further expand my knowledge and skills. I spent three months as a visiting researcher at the Department of Mechanical Engineering, which provided valuable insights into cutting-edge research in the field. Additionally, I held a full-time assistant professorship for over two years at SVU, where I contributed to the academic and research community.

During my journey, I was fortunate to be selected as a Senior Researcher for the prestigious Prometeo program, a position I held for 13 months. This experience allowed me to work alongside top researchers and make significant contributions to the field. Furthermore, I was awarded a 9-month Fulbright commission scholarship at Harvard Medical School, where I had the opportunity to collaborate with leading experts and conduct groundbreaking research.

Continuing my pursuit of knowledge, I embarked on a year-long research fellowship at Griffith University in Australia, expanding my international research network and gaining exposure to diverse perspectives. Subsequently, I spent over five years as a senior research fellow and group leader (Ali3B) at the UQ (Australia), where I made substantial contributions to my field and mentored junior researchers.

Due to my expertise and accomplishments, I was honored with a senior research fellowship at UQ, recognizing my dedication and significant contributions to the institution. Additionally, I was appointed as an associate professor at the Department of Materials Engineering, SVU, where I continue to impart knowledge and contribute to the academic community.

Recognizing my success and expertise, I was appointed as a delegated associate professor at New Cairo Technological University (NCTU), a position bestowed upon me by the Ministry of Higher Education. In this role, I serve as the program coordinator, overseeing and guiding the academic curriculum while fostering a collaborative and engaging learning environment. During I am applying for this prestigious opportunity, I am writing from JBNU, South Korea as a visiting an associate professor for lecturer deliveries for postgraduates of summer 2023.

Through my extensive experiences and diverse roles, I have cultivated a deep understanding of my field and have been fortunate to collaborate with renowned institutions and researchers worldwide. I am driven by a passion for advancing knowledge and contributing to the scientific community, and I look forward to further discoveries and accomplishments in the future.

Given my extensive experience and accomplishments, I am excited to embark on a new challenge in my academic career. Therefore, I would like to express my keen interest in joining Mechanical Engineering department and teach/research focus on disciplines related activities in the department. I believe that my experience, combined with my passion for research and teaching, make me an excellent candidate for this position.


Teaching Experience:

As an Associate Professor at the Faculty of Engineering, Mechanical Engineering Department, I have extensive experience teaching both undergraduate and postgraduate students. I have developed two different programs, Biofabrication for postgraduates and Mold/Die design undergraduate program. My courses are related to materials and designs, mechanics of materials, applied mechanics, and advanced manufacturing Technology (CNC and 3D printing), and all of my teaching is conducted in English. I have proven high-quality teaching experience at a university level, and I have designed and delivered authentic learning experiences for students.

In the classroom, I strive to create a positive and inclusive learning environment that fosters critical thinking, creativity, and innovation. I am adept at tailoring my teaching style and approach to meet the diverse learning needs of my students, using a range of techniques and tools, such as case studies, group projects, and interactive discussions.

I also stay up-to-date with the latest developments in my field and incorporate them into my teaching, providing students with a comprehensive and relevant learning experience. My commitment to excellence in teaching has been recognized by both students and colleagues, and I am passionate about continuing to inspire and educate the next generation of materials and manufacturing engineer.

  •  Manufacturing Technology (NCTU, MET225, 2023)
  •  Workshop Practices (NCTU, MEC124, 2023)
  •  Advanced Materials and Advanced Manufacturing (NCTU, 2022)
  •  Materials Selection (NCTU, 2022)
  •  Occupational Health and Safety Management (NCTU, 2022)
  •  Materials Engineering (Code: MPEP011)
  •  Biomaterials and Nanotechnology (Code: MDPG234)
  • Mechanical Behaviour of Materials Engineering (Code: MDPG125)
  • Advanced& Smart materials (Code: MDPG216)
  • Nanomaterials/Nanotechnology (Code: MPEP018)
  • Composite materials (Code: MDPG312)
  •  Stress Analyses (Strength of Materials) (Code: MDPG127)
  • Micro and nano Biofabrication& Additive Manufacturing
  • Applied Mechanics (Code: MPEP015)
  • Mechanical Engineering (MPEP025)
  •  Machine Tools and Design (Code: MDPG116)


Report of Local Teaching and Training: (for each course subject, 2-hr sessions per wk for 14 wks)- Supporting documents are available.


2023 Advanced Manufacturing technology, 2nd year, Course coordinator, NCTU
2023 Workshop practices, 1st year, Course coordinator, NCTU
2023 Occupation Health and Safety in Workplaces, 1st year, Course coordinator, Military Technological college
2022 Advanced Materials and Advanced Manufacturing, 3rd year, Course coordinator, NCTU
2022 Materials selection, 2nd year, Course coordinator, NCYU
2022 Biomaterials and Nanotechnology, 2nd year, course coordinator, SVU
2022 Advanced Materials, 3rd year, course coordinator, SVU
2016 Materials Behaviour, 2nd year, Lecturer, Aswan University
2016 Mechanical properties of Materials Engineering       2nd year, Lecturer, SVU
2015 Advanced and Smart Biomaterials, M.Sc. & PhD, Lecturer, SVU
2015 Applied Mechanics, Machine tools and Design, 2nd year, Lecturer, SVU
2013 Mechanical Engineering, 1st year, Lecturer, High Institute of Engineering, Luxor
2013 Mechanical Stress and Material Failure Analysis, 2nd year, Lecturer, SVU
2011-13 Mechanical Stress and Material Failure Analysis, 3rd year, TA, JBNU
2008-10 Materials Science and Engineering, 2nd year, TA, SVU
2007-08 Mechanical Stress and Materials Failure Analysis, 2nd year, TA, Aswan University
2007-08 Materials Engineering, 2nd year, TA, Aswan University


Industry Experience:

I have a strong background in advanced manufacturing technologies, including additive manufacturing, biofabrication, electrospinning, and nanotechnology behind biomaterials and tissue engineering. I have demonstrated industry experience, working directly in the industry and undertaking university-industry research. For example, I have provided value to the industry partner through the outcome of my research.

I am currently employed as a consultant for OTH company (see my resume), where I lead the manufacturing of bone substitute materials from scratch to the market. In this role, I oversee the entire production process, from the design of the biomaterials to the final medical approval. My responsibilities include developing innovative manufacturing processes and techniques to produce high-quality bone substitute materials that meet regulatory requirements and ensure patient safety.

Additionally, I supervise the characterization of the bone substitute materials, including physical, chemical, and biological testing, to ensure they meet the necessary specifications and performance criteria. I work closely with the company’s research and development team to evaluate new technologies and materials that can be incorporated into the manufacturing process to improve the quality and performance of the bone substitute materials. Throughout the manufacturing process, I ensure that all activities are conducted in compliance with the regulatory and quality standards, including ISO 13485 and FDA regulations. I also collaborate with the company’s legal and regulatory affairs team to obtain the necessary approvals for the bone substitute materials from the relevant regulatory bodies. Overall, my expertise in bone substitute materials manufacturing, regulatory compliance, and quality management enables me to provide valuable consultation to OTH company and ensure the successful development and commercialization of high-quality bone substitute materials that benefit patients.

Research progress

One book and more than 87 publications (25 as a corresponding author, +17 under review and preparations) in well-regarded journals (h-index= 31) on Mechanical Engineering, Materials Science and Engineering, Additive Manufacturing Technology, Bio/nano/materials, such as polymers and composites, and the surface modification of metallic materials using polymeric and composite biomaterials is a clear demonstration of my capacity to plan and complete high-quality research. Understanding how novel and smart materials can modulate the materials functions to meet the required applications.

My recent research (1st author, Materials & Design) showed a significant impact of bioactive glass nanoplates formation on 2D and 3D structure materials for the first time to be reported. This achievement could address the issue of masking and poor dispersion of bioactive materials and enhance the direct contact with surrounding bone tissues.

My research (1st author) showed that by blending bioresorbable magnesium hydroxide (MH) nanoparticles (NPs) (<50 nm) with the degradable polymer poly(ε-caprolactone) (PCL), and shaping the composite into a porous scaffold with 3D printing technology, improved characteristics were obtained. In summary, the 3D PCL/MH composite scaffolds could enhance osteoblastic activity and demonstrate a moderately accelerated degradation profile, which are characteristics that can be considered favourable for bone regeneration applications. My research has been published in the high impact journal Composites Part B: Engineering and received coverage in mainstream (Courier-Mail, Australia national newspaper) and dentistry (Bite Magazine) media.


I supervised (a PhD student) study published in ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces (IF=10.38) which aimed to accelerate the corrosion rate of pure Zinc for biodegradable implants by utilizing acid etching to increase substrate surface area. The acid-treated Zinc showed an exceptionally high rate of corrosion compared to untreated Zinc, attributed to the increased surface roughness of acid-etched samples. The study also found good cytocompatibility and reduced bacterial adhesion and biofilm formation, suggesting that acid etching increases the translation potential of Zinc for various Mechanical applications.

During my prior studies in the field of Nano/Bio/materials, nanocomposites, Fabrication technology and additive manufacturing technologies, I have mastered numerous techniques for material characterisation such as X-ray diffraction, infrared spectroscopy (FTIR), X-ray photo spectroscopy (XPS), scanning electron microscopy (SEM, expert user), Transmission Electron microscopy (TEM, use by myself), Atomic force microscopy (AFM) for surface analysis, mechanical testing (tensile, compression (Bluehill software, an expert in use, micro/nano-indentation, Micro-tester, Bending, Fatigues .etc.) and Distribution Statistics, and fabrication methods such as, 3D Bioprinting (Bioschafolder 1 &2) and FDM, Electrospinning (melt and solution), spin/dip coatings, electrochemical analysis (corrosion analysis of coated and uncoated metal surfaces) hand-layup, freeze-drying. I also developed a custom-made air-jet spinning technique to fabricate pure polymeric nanofibers and nanofibers decorated with inorganic nanoparticles, such as hydroxyapatite, carbon nanotubes (CNTs), and TiO2 nanoparticles, to provide higher surface bioactivity and electrically conductive scaffold. In addition, due to additive manufacturing, including 3D bioprinting, melt electrospinning writing, 3D plotter, 3D bio-ink has emerged as an ideal strategy to fabricate 3D tissue constructs with complex tissue geometries, internal architectures and desirable biological response, these days I am a keen of using these technologies in the current research team as I am in charge of fabricating a 3D scaffold suitable for bone and dental clinical application. All of these techniques are illustrated in my previous publications.

In addition, during my PhD study, I studied many credit courses related to Mechanical Engineering, Mechanics of Materials, materials science and engineering, biomaterials and composite materials as the priority research area, of the bio-nano materials, Additive Manufacturing and fabrication technologies such as, Bio/nano/composite materials, advanced nano metals, Mechanical behavior of materials, advanced composite materials, advanced material engineering with 39 total credits.

Once I received my PhD degree, I wanted to start a postdoctoral program as I was highly motivated to explore advanced biomaterials’ impact. From my research, I have found a deep interest to understand better the applicability of implantable biomaterials and enhanced biomaterials functionality, such as bioactivity, biocompatibility, mechanical properties, etc., to meet the requirements of Mechanical/Chemical Engineering applications.

I am fascinated by the engineering processes required to adapt surfaces to biological environments and provide an applicable product for Mechanical devices and water treatment. Also, recently I could achieve the enormous challenge of fabrication of 3D nanocomposite scaffolds using melt electrospinning scaffold.


Collaborative Skills:

I have a proven ability to work collaboratively within multidisciplinary teams, which has allowed me to contribute to a wide range of research projects. SciVal database showed that I have more than 94% of my publications with out of my groups showing very strong collaboration nationally and internationally. I am comfortable working with people from different backgrounds and cultures, and I have excellent communication skills.

Since the award of my PhD, I have built many collaborative relationships both locally and internationally. In 2014 I began collaborating with Professor Abdel Salam Makhlouf, department of manufacturing engineering, the University of Texas-Pan American on surface coating science and corrosion engineering. This successful collaboration resulted in the publication of 7 papers and one book’s chapter in peer-reviewed journals. I am currently collaborating with Professors Adnan Memic, KAU University, Jeddah; Anwarul Hasan, Qatar National University, Qatar (one paper); Xiumei Mo, Donghua University, Shanghai (one paper); Fawzi F. Al-Jassir, KSU (two papers), Riyadh, Yosry Morsi, Swinburne University (two papers), Felix B. Engel, University of Erlangen-Nürnberg Institute of Pathology Dept of Nephropathology Universitätsstrasse, Erlangen, Germany (one paper), Luca Casettari, University of Urbino Carlo Bo Department of Biomolecular Sciences School of Pharmacy Piazza del Rinascimento, Urbino (PU) – Italy (one paper), Min-Ho Lee, and Ku kyoung, School of Dentistry, JBNU, Korea (two papers), Dietmar Hutmacher, Saso Ivanovski, etc. These collaborations are ongoing and have resulted in many scientific articles’ publications.


Leadership Experience:

As a senior research fellow and group leader at the University of Queensland, I have developed strong leadership skills in research. I have also developed my teaching path during my time as an Associate Professor at South Valley University, Mechanical Engineering Department. I have a demonstrated willingness to undertake leadership roles in teaching and research in the tertiary education sector.


In conclusion, my extensive qualifications, research and teaching experience, industry expertise, collaborative skills, and leadership experience make me an ideal candidate for the position of Lecturer/Senior Lecturer in Mechanical Engineering. I believe that I have the skills, knowledge, and experience necessary to excel in this role and contribute to the success of the Department.


jbnu PhD

PhD in Materials Science and Engineering



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