Al-Buraimi - Sultanate of Oman

General Information

  • Category  Faculty Of Business Administration
  • Address PO Box 77 - Postal Code 512 - Al-Buraimi - Oman
  • Language Arabic and English
  • Highest Degree Level Ph.D
  • Total Years of Experience 18 and more
  • Expected Job Level Assistant Prof.

My teaching philosophy considers teaching as a means of helping students discover themselves and contribute much to themselves and their community and humanity in general. We help them know how to think and form their ideas, opinions, and independent personality. We teach them to free themselves from superstition and act as they wish.

I have a degree of Ph.D. in economics, specifically in macroeconomics; the title of my thesis was “Impact of Oil Price Volatility on Macroeconomic Variables in Oman from 1990 to 2016”. I have published six books (Introduction to Omani Economy, translated into eight foreign languages, A Tale of positivism philosophy, and History of Oil Price Shocks, translated into six foreign languages, The Impact of Oil Price Volatility on Macroeconomic Variables in Oman, A Tale of Philosophy-in the Arabic Language, and Introduction to Omani Economy-in Arabic Language), along with such books, I have like three unpublished books (in the English language), and other two (in the Arabic Language). Also, I have published various articles in the field of the economics discipline.


Work Experience

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Sheikh Zayed was able to lay the foundation and the solid pillars of a strong state that has become a successful development model by all measures and a source of inspiration for states seeking progress.


Liwa College
Fatima Bint Mubarak Street
(Al Najda Street previously), Al Danah,
Baniyas Tower B,
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.