Dr. Ahmed Mohsen Mohamed Sadek

General Information

My greatest achievement is that I am 32 years old and I have successfully completed the BSc in Civil Engineering from Abu Dhabi University, Master of Engineering Management from UAE University, MSc in Business Strategy Leadership and Change from Heriot-Watt University (Not equivalated from UAE MOE), and a PhD in Project Management from the British University in Dubai. All this is completed while working as a Full Time Employee since graduating from my BSc degree in mega projects with under huge international and national construction, engineering and government project management organizations.
The reason of being proud of this achievement is that during my work in Abu Dhabi Government, I have been assigned to construction projects and portfolios from 2016 to 2018. Then, I was assigned as a QA/QC Engineer on the Facilities Management Portfolio (3,000 Facilities) from 2018 to May 2021. Then, from May 2021 up to date, I am assigned with the closeout team on buildings portfolios.

I am very specific in this world and I have a unique personality compared to others. I am a very responsible and sympathetic person. I always help others and try my best to solve their problems. I am self-centered and there is no enemy in this world. I always talk to others very happily with a smiling face. I do my duties and tasks very well on a daily basis and ensure progressing even if there is no perfection. I always pay attention to my job and studies, and inspire my friends to complete their graduate studies. I can keep my cool under pressure and I don’t easily lose my temper. I’m good at multi-tasking and I enjoy meeting new people every day. I love making people’s day and I believe educated personals are the most important part of any business. However, if necessary, I can be assertive without being rude and control the situation.

I see this opportunity as a way to contribute to an exciting fast-moving University, and I feel I can do so by starting my career as an academic faculty. This is a perfect choice after completing my PhD in Project Management from the British University in Dubai.
I feel my skills are particularly well-suited to this position because I will be adding value to the university through my exceptional experience and knowledge from the professional industry. In addition, I know that students will be prepared in a strong way to compete in the working industries after I contribute through Liwa College of Technology in preparing them.
I believe I have the type of knowledge to succeed in this role and at the university because I have worked for more than 10 years in construction and project management industry from the contractor’s level to the consultant and government highest achievement level.
I’m excited about this job opportunity, as it would allow me to built a very strong teaching CV.




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Liwa College
Fatima Bint Mubarak Street
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