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General Information

Alnuaimi has also a pool of experience in Business Cooperation such administrative, finance, Logistic & Assets ,IT in several sectors. This includes education sector, as he been appointed to handle Deputy Vice Chancellor ,VC in finance and administration tasks beside Director of finance major task. Alnuaimi has significantly developed the policy and procedures of the originations he worked for. It is expected that Alnuaimi obtains his PhD in Financial economics in Dec 2020. Ph.D. research investigation contributed to the community in different ways: i) how workers remittances’ influence in economic growth in other regions ii) what the macroeconomics determinants of workers remittances taken GCC case study. He was also working a researcher and associate economist in Budget Department at Ministry of Finance. Alnuaimi also worked as an instructor/tutor at Sunshine Coast University, Australia.
Alnuaimi has awarded several memberships in World Professional bodies including Accountants and Auditors Association in UAE. In 2017. In 2006, Mr. Alnuaimi was a vital member in financial planning; forecasting and preparing budget cost approx. a Billion USD in Budget Department at Ministry of Finance. He also has potently handled two projects “100Million USD each beside his main tasks. Alnuaimi has contributed in several committees significantly and awarded excellent services. He also was a part of systems implementation such as Oracle ERP, Treasury Management System (TMS), Quick book and Dynamic ERP system.

Research Interests
 International Trade
 Labour Economy
 Government Expenditure and Fiscal policy
 Economics Development


Univeristy of Sultan Idris UPSI Ph.D in Financial Economics

It is expected that Alnuaimi obtains his PhD in Financial economics in Decrn2020. Ph.D. research investigation contributed to the community in differentrnways: i) how workers remittances’ influence in economic growth in other regionsrnii) what the macroeconomics determinants of workers remittances taken GCC casernstudy. He was also working a researcher and associate economist in BudgetrnDepartment at Ministry of Finance. Alnuaimi also worked as an instructor/tutor  at Sunshine Coast University, Australia.

Western Sydney University Master Applied Finance

completed and awarded  

Ajman University Bachelor of Business Administration

Awarded and completed GPA3.10

Work Experience

Emirates College for Advanced Education, Abu Dhabi Education Council ADEK Director ,Finance Department

9/2008 to 10/2015rn(8yrs&6months) Experience A head of Finance Department

rnrn            Arnhead of Finance Department at Abu Dhabi Education Councilrn_ADEC entities). I am managing four Major Sections: Financial Statements andrnreporting, Budget, Payroll, Purchasing activities. This includes allrnorganization accounts such as (AP/AR/Inventory and Cash in Bank .ChiefrnAccountant, Senior Accountant, budget controller and all accountant levelsrnreport to me based on the Department Chart.
Budgetaryrn Controls and Budget Tasks:Monthly Basis; I manage the collegernexiting budgetary controls and budget consolidation by Budget controller.rnMaintain and monitor HR budget, Operating Budget and Capital Budget duringrnfinancial year (12months).Ensure any purchasing transactions from anyrndepartments has been gone through Budget controller to make sure within budgetrnand manger line approval.

Alert senior management at college on the quarterly basis rnregarding their expenditures if there was any exceed. 

Yearly Basis; I also prepare budget for next financial year by Cost Centre basis;-e.g. HR Budget, Operation  Budget and Capital Budget.

Implement  Accounting Based Cost (ABC) approach to finalize the proposed budget.

 The proposed budget will bernre-viewed and revised several drafts by myself and Director Support Services to meet the entity business plan.

Meet and Discus each Manager Department individually to share therndepartment needs to deliver the services for next year before I submit it tornsenior management for final approval. I prepare Budget Book, whichrnprovides all costs and expenditures justifications for next financial year. ThernBudget Book also contains figures, Table, charts and budget variances reportsrnto support our justifications for board of trustees.

Transfer Fund; Maintain and  monitor all budget transfers within policy and procedures. Ensure Senior  Management approval to transfer budget /fund from Chapter to the Chapter OR from budget line into another budget line. 
Financial Statements and Reporting: Monthly Basis; Preform and close all the organization accounts on monthly basis. rn(e.g I release all financial reports including Balance Sheet, income statement,rnand Cash flow on monthly basis which is 21th every month. Ensure all accountsrnincluding petty cash, payable, Assets depreciation and some other accountsrnreplenishment process & recorded in the GL.

 Insure sub-report such asrnbank reconciliation and Trial Balance verified and audited by chief Accountantrnbefore I release Financial Statements.


Yearly Basis; Ensure all accountsrnand transactions of the college are closed at the End of Financial year (e.grn31th every year) for auditing purpose. Insure all pending invoices/transactionsrnare finalized and posited into GL . The final financial statements will bernaudited and validated by external auditor (KPMG or PWC) to finalize it formally.


The approved financial statement will be disclosure to seniorrnmanagement and stakeholders. Assist External Auditors with all required sourcesrnto review and analysis their missions. Support External Auditor and internalrnauditor all required documents and supplementary documentations to finalizerntheir tasks on time.  Maintain and review  all transactions are recorded properlyrnand  accurately based on IPSAS*  which published by IFRS standards.***International Public Sector Accounting Standards (IPSAS)

Ministry of Finance Chief Accountant

1/2005 to 3/2006;rn(one year & 2months) Chief Accountant


ChiefrnAccountant at Budget Department_ Ministry of Finance _UAE.rnI had worked through  two types of methods to set the annual budgetrn(e.g. Zero-Based Budget_ ZBB Method and Activities and Performances BasedrnBudget_ APBB Method) I had assigned to work with International  Monetary Fund IMF expert who had worked inrnZero Budget  project to UAE government  .Please refer to Appendix5 for more details.

Cost Analyst at Budget Department- Ministry ofrnFinance –UAE


Position Overview,I was working inrnBudget Department at Ministry of Finance as a Chief Accountant. Each staffrnmember in the department was handling rnonly one particular Ministry’s budget. There were about 18 Ministries inrnUAE and 18 Chief Accountant members who were managing the budgetary control andrnbudget. Responsibilities

Analyze quarterlyrnMinistry budgeting and accounting reports to maintain expenditure controls.

Direct the preparationrnof regular and special budget reports.Consult with FinancernDepartment at Ministry to ensure that budget adjustments are made in accordancernwith programs and Ministry activities

Provide advice andrntechnical assistance with cost analysis, fiscal allocation, and budgetrnpreparation.

Summarize budgets andrnsubmit recommendations for the approval or disapproval of funds requests.

Match appropriationsrnfor specific programs or activities with appropriations for broader programs,rnincluding items for emergency funds.


Review operatingrnbudgets to analyze trends affecting budget needs.


Examine budgetrnestimates for completeness, accuracy, and conformance with procedures andrnregulations.


Compile and analyzernaccounting records and other data to determine the financial resources requiredrnto implement a program.


Ensure accuracy,rntimeliness and validity of all budget lines reports including Budget VariancernReport,


Maintain the budget isrnprepared based on Activities based Cost and review the performance of thernactivities report on quarterly basis. 


Monitor and Review allrnfinancial sources of ministry including centers such as Revenues centers,rnexpenditures centers and profits centers.


Alert seniorrnmanagement at Ministry on the quarterly basis regarding their expenditures  if there was any exceed

Emirates Transportation Division Manager

plz refer to my resume for more details 

Summary of Skills

Certified Management Accountant CMA
VAT officer



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