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City University

General Information

An experienced Computer Science/Information technology lecturer/researcher with over 15 years of experience at leading academic institutes in Pakistan, UK, and Oman. Teaching the students from diverse social and cultural backgrounds with excellent administrative, verbal communication and effective teaching methods in the field of computer science and MIS. With the industrial experience of working with MIS in Barclays and Vodafone.


Liverpool John Moores University, Liverpool, UK PhD

Dissertation Title: A Gateway Solution for Accessing Networked Appliances.

Work Experience

Aug 2019
City University of Science and Information Technology, Peshawar, Pakistan Associate Professor & HOD Computer Science Department & Dean of Computing and Numerical Sciences
  • Offering academic leadership by guiding curriculum development and ensuring program quality and relevance. Participating in university policy development and ensuring departmental compliance.
  • Managing faculty, from recruitment and retention to evaluations and workload assignments.
  • Providing academic guidance, overseeing advising, and addressing student concerns and needs. Overseeing departmental operations, policies, and day-to-day matters.
  • Building relationships with industry partners and alumni, representing the department in university committees, and engaging with the academic community and professional organizations.
  • Meeting accreditation and assessment requirements, implementing mechanisms for program improvement, and preparing accreditation reports and documentation.
  • Reporting to higher administration on departmental activities and fostering open communication with faculty, staff, and students. Developing and executing a strategic plan, setting goals, and adapting as needed.
  • Accomplishments encompass the launch of two new undergraduate programs in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence, the establishment of Memorandums of Understanding with prominent software industry partners to secure student placements, a comprehensive overhaul of existing undergraduate programs to align with industry standards, and the formulation of a policy to support struggling students.

March 2013/Sept 2019
Sohar University, Faculty of Computing and Information Technology, Sohar, Oman Assistant Professor/Program Coordinator Computing & Web Engineering
  • Conducted lectures, tutorials, and labs for undergraduate computer science courses, including Information Security, Switching and Routing Techniques, and Computer Architecture. I also taught postgraduate students' courses such as Cloud Computing and Internet of Things. 
  • Delivered lectures, tutorials, and labs for undergraduate business courses, including Information Security and Auditing, Business Intelligence and Decision Support Systems, Information Technology Management, Management Information System, System Modeling and Simulation, as well as E-Business and E-Environment. 
  • Provided advice to students and supervised Final Year Project students for both undergraduate and postgraduate programs. Also, assisted the department dean in the recruitment of new faculty members, managed course folders, and archived departmental records, including examination papers and internal and external communications.
  • Served as the program coordinator for the Computing and Web Engineering Program, where I was responsible for ensuring the curriculum remained current in accordance with prevailing market trends. Additionally, held memberships on the Teaching and Learning Committee, University Research Committee, University Ethics Committee, Quality Assurance Committee, and the budget committee. 
  • My achievements included leading the accreditation team to secure Australian Accreditation Society (ACS) accreditation for three undergraduate programs within the FCIT. Conducted a comprehensive revision of existing undergraduate programs to align them with industry requirements and developed Quality Assurance documentation for the computing faculty.

June 2011/Feb 2013
City University of Science and Information Technology, Peshawar, Pakistan Assistant Professor & Head of Computer Science Department
  • Conducted lectures, tutorials, and labs for both undergraduate and postgraduate courses in computer science, including subjects like Computer Architecture, Operating Systems, Artificial Intelligence, and Theory of Automata.
  • Handled daily departmental responsibilities, including class allocation and timetable management. Assessed teacher performances, conducted regular meetings with staff members, participated in the hiring of new staff, and made recommendations and implemented changes to align with departmental goals and objectives. Also, served as a member of the board of studies and the board of faculties and academics.
  • My achievement includes: overhauled the entire curriculum for all computer science programs. Additionally, established the Academia/Industry collaboration forum and organized an event to enhance graduate employment prospects. Successfully reintroduced an MS program at the university and played a significant role in achieving the first ranking in Pakistan by the Higher 

Education Commission in Computer Science in 2012.

April 2010/May 2011
Islamia College University, Peshawar, Pakistan Assistant Professor & Head of Computer Science Department
  • Conducted lectures, tutorials, and labs for undergraduate and postgraduate level courses, including Software Engineering I and II, Computer Architecture, and Advanced Computer Architecture. 
  • Handled daily departmental tasks, including class scheduling and timetables, evaluated teacher performances, conducted regular meetings with staff members, participated in the recruitment of new staff, and made recommendations and implemented changes to achieve departmental goals and objectives.

Liverpool John Moores University, CMS, Liverpool, UK Seasonal Lecturer/Demonstrator

My duties encompassed attending lab sessions and lectures, providing tutorial assistance tostudents, collecting and reviewing course assignments, and assisting students with general computer-related issues in learning resource centers. I organized research seminars within my department and managed our research laboratory. The courses I taught included Java, C/C++, Network Management, and Research Methods.

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Liwa College
Fatima Bint Mubarak Street
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Baniyas Tower B,
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.