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General Information

Currently working as a professor in High institute of Cine in Academy of Arts in Egypt . Previously worked as a Vice president of Academy . I worked as a Part timer in MSA UNI which work in cooperation with English universities . I shared in establishing Film College in Kuwait and Bader University which i put the study program and content . I worked as Director in TV Series and TV Commercial movies and Video production .I was the dean of HIC and the head of directing department .


The Higher Institute of Cinema Doctorate

It studies the impact of changes in Egyptian society on dramas in cinema and television

Work Experience

Adel Ahmed Vice President of Academy

all deputies, at the level of graduate studiesrnoversaw the development of the plan and objectives, and also oversaw thernGraduate Committee of the Academy to discuss the plans and research andrnadoption, and even overseen the supervision of more than twenty Postrngraduate Researches, whether in the And discussed the more than thirtyrnresearches, the arbitration of the finest research in Egypt and the Arabrncountries.. I also took over the affairs of the Student Affairs Committee inrnaddition to my leadership of the various administrative committees Tornsupervise the academy life of students, including Financial support andrncounseling centers, Scouts and voluntary work centers, the Department ofrnStudent and Social Activities and Sports Activities; student housing life,rnjoint and non-academic activities, student admission, registration, careerrnplanning and placement, and alumni affairs;


Leading the development of academic activitiesrnin each of these areas. I have the experience in library management, acceptancernand registration services and IT services.


also ,I have the ability to deal withrndifferent cultures and nationalities.

Adel Ahmed Dean Of Higher Institute of Cinema

The faculty administration in all educationalrnand administrative aspects, and following up the progress of the academicrnprocess and developing curricula and regulations. Supervising the applied andrnpractical aspects and graduation projects, as well as supervising student life,rnincluding multiple nationalities of students, setting budgets for the collegernand following up the exchange procedures. And what I may be assigned to fromrnthe top leaders of the academy.

Adel Ahmed Professor

Teaching Directing Major For TV & Cinemarn& Internet Theoretical & Applied .

Summary of Skills

Passionate Forward thinking ,Focused and Hard working.

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Liwa College
Fatima Bint Mubarak Street
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Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.