Senior Lecturer


Tripoli, Libya

General Information

  • Category  Faculty Of Engineering
  • Address Tripoli, Libya
  • Language English + Arabic
  • Highest Degree Level PhD
  • Total Years of Experience 12
  • Expected Job Level Assistant Professor

A committed senior lecturer with a solid research background, extensive industry experience and a teaching portfolio. Key areas of expertise are industrial engineering and management. Interested in developing a career which combines teaching and research, while maintaining my interest in advanced manufacturing technology such as CAD/CAM, metal cutting, PDP and AM. Highly effective when working with a diverse group of students or researchers from different cultural backgrounds


Northumbria University, Newcastle, UK PhD in Manufacturing Engineering

•Developed a novel cutting fluid supply system tornreduce fluid consumption and improve machining performance.


•Compared the performance of a new supply system with arnconventional flood cooling system in terms of cutting force, cuttingrntemperature, tool wear, surface roughness, burr and chip formation


•Investigated the effectrnof different cutting tool materials/coatings and vegetable oil-based cuttingrnfluids on the machinability of Titanium alloys.


•Lectured undergraduaternstudents on the use of practical equipment (e.g. machine tools andrninstruments), conduct experiments, exercises, workshops and/or processes.


•Co-supervised 3 undergraduatesrnand 2 postgraduates (MSc.) projects in the machining of super alloys (Titaniumrn& Nickel based alloys) to completion.

Work Experience

2008 - present
Tripoli University Principal Lecturer

•Lectured undergraduaternstudents in Manufacturing Processes I& II.


•Delivered lectures on MechanicalrnEngineering Drawing for undergraduate students.


•Lectured undergraduaternstudents in Product Design.


•Delivered lectures onrnProduct Development Processes (PDP) for postgraduate students.


•Supervised machinerntools laboratory and staff.


•Managed therninteraction between the industrial engineering sub-department and industrialrnpartners (e.g., iron & steel and oil & gas sectors), ensuring thatrntargeted project objectives were achieved.

Summary of Skills

• Proficiency in conducting machining trials using different DOE, for example full factorial and Taguchi methods. •tAbility to perform theoretical analysis and in-depth discussion, specifically in the field of advanced machining technology (cutting tools, MWFs and machine tools). •tProficient in using several statistical computing packages such as MATLAB and Minitab. •tProficient in working with commercial mechanical packages for instance DEFORM (machining) and CAD/CAM platforms such as Hypermill, MasterCAM, Solidworks and AutoCAD.


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Liwa College
Fatima Bint Mubarak Street
(Al Najda Street previously), Al Danah,
Baniyas Tower B,
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.