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Sharon A

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General Information

As program lead, I enjoy achieving long/short term goals and getting work done alongside my team. I have successfully accomplished full-time roles in collaboration with NYU Abu Dhabi, Petroleum Institute and the American University of Sharjah.

At my recent position, I have demonstrated tremendous capacity to successfully support and maintain numerous operational objectives, work diligently to provide excellence in my professional endeavors having earned credibility with result-driven work ethics. I have been integral to the support system, accreditation process, roll-out of assessment reports, budget forecast & management, performance appraisals, employee management, growth and retention with full accountability.

I have a potential eye for details in planning, directing and coordinating administration processes for projects embedded within programs. Along the way utilizing time management, teamwork and gaining perspective continues to emerge. My cross-functional background and calibre will contribute towards continued success. I am looking forward to the next challenge that draws on my extensive service experience.

Please feel free to reach me if you may have any questions for me. I look forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience

Best regards,

Sharon Angelica

Work Experience

2010 – 2021
NEW YORK UNIVERSITY ABU DHABI Senior Executive, Administration
  • Successfully accomplished strategic objective goals such as internal process(s) quality assurance, funds verification and approvals, authorization of internal|external funding requests, resource  reallocations, mitigate annual target deviations, financial reporting  
  • Trusted advisor and chief of staff empowering growth towards KPI's, evolving organizational capabilities, professional learning and development, stakeholder integration
  • Spearheaded audits and budget execution for laboratories approximately $16m, operational budget $1m
  • Enlightened and repurposed teaching lab equipment resulting in reducing overall 20% saving on the operational  budget mainly space concerns 
  • Led ABET|Accreditation successful planning and implementation of assessment and evaluation processes for academic and non-academic units 
  • Advisory of project management office with C-suite on academic governance, annual planning report, financial visibility & compliance, case presentation
  • Appraised faculty evaluations, promotion & tenure, awards, merit raise, retention, continuous  improvement, salary adjustments 
  • Administered executive support to executive committee, curriculum committee, industry advisory council and the UAE Engineering Dean's Council  
  • Registrar of divisional records, curricular activity and space allocation  
  • Cross functional and global networking with affiliates as part of the bigger picture 

2009 – 2010
PETROLEUM INSTITUTE, ABU DHABI Office Manager, President|Provost office
  • Content management for bulletin and website pertaining to graduate and research office
  • Implemented research budget enterprise based on faculty research grants & funds 
  • Engaged closely with the accreditation team to implement development and ABET content
  • Motivated, mentored and grew the platform team’s skilled staff 
  • Led and conducted faculty evaluations with statistical reports  
  • Contributed to faculty affairs, policies and procedures 
  • Revamped PI's employee descriptions including faculty, researchers & staff 

1997 - 2009
  • Special recognition for student-faculty evaluations initiative 
  • Improvised strategic tactical operations and resource plans 
  • Executed budgets, account transfers, laboratory assets and expense management 
  • Mentored unit operation managers, and jointly established performance measures  
  • Verified course offerings for catalog update, accreditation and ABET, imparted executive support to C-suite
  • Academic advising hundreds of first-year experience program-declared/undeclared students with parents,  overseen academic advising based on degree plan, withdrawals, probationary reviews and related student  counseling, coordinated new sections scheduling 
  • Audit transcripts for equivalency and transfer requests 
  • Alumni liaison for industry internships  
  • Conducted training & orientation sessions for faculty, lab personnel to implement SIS in support of student registration influx  
  • FE (fundamentals of Engineering exam) prep facilitator & proctor 

Summary of Skills

Strategic Planning, Complex Projects Management, Business Process Improvement, ABET|Accreditation, Organizational Development, Communication, Budgeting, Financial Analysis, Decision Making, Case Presentation

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